staff members

Staff: 11 (architects, project managers, construction supervisors and draftsman)
Supporting personnel: 2 persons

Ir. Philip Dikland
Senior Partner

As senior partner, Mr. Dikland is in charge of programming, design, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration on almost all KDV commissions. He has designed a considerable variety of buildings, ranging from small single-family houses to embassy buildings, from schools to health- care centers. His experience in all phases and types of architecture enables KDV to provide clients with a quality project, on time and within budget.

Soelijem Kartodikromo
General Manager

Mrs. Kartodikromo is general manager at KDV. She controls the workflow within the firm, screens the progress of all projects, and assists the project managers if a project falls behind schedule. She screens all project contracts, invoices, and extra-work contracts. She keeps up-to-date financial records of all projects, and provides financial reports to the client.

Peggy Bawoek
Junior architect / Project Manager

Mrs. Bawoek is junior architect/ project manager at KDV architects. She is in charge of the technical and administrative supervision of several of the office’s projects under construction. This means she is responsible for the daily administration on-site, the coordination of the project, and quality control of construction.

Yvonne Brewster
Administration, ICT & Logistics

Mrs. Brewster is in charge of the financial administration, the ICT, the vehicles, the logistics etc. and everything that needs to be fixed. Just call YVONNE! and its fixed.

Celestine Pawirodikromo
Construction Supervisor

Construction Supervisor Pawirodikromo, has been with our firm for years. An experienced lady who has successfully completed a number of projects, .e.g: CCS Theatre renovation, 1994 Zeelandia Suites hotel, 1996-1997 's Lands Hospitaal rehabilitations, 1998-present Diakonessehuis Hospital rehabilitations, 2003

Sonja Pawiromoeljo
Construction Draftsman

Construction Draftsman Pawiromoeljo' s task is to translate your fairytale into detailed construction drawings, ready to be build. She works in close collaboration with the designers, and proposes details and improvements with her years of experience. Pawiromoeljo will guard the quality of your project. She puts her hart in your work.

Together with the rest of the team of Construction supervisors and drafters with more than 10 years of experience. We have completed numerous projects successfully.